Cancellation Policies

All customers are required to give a credit card number as a hold for the party date. If the customer cancels their reservation before 72 hours of the date, no charges will be applied. If a cancellation occurs outside of this, a 50% charge will be applied to the credit card.

Example: A customer has an inflatable booked for Saturday the 11th. If they would like to cancel, it must be done not on but before Wednesday the 8th to have no charges applied.

Weather Policy:

Mr. B’s Moonwalk has the right to cancel or postpone a party due to weather forecast. Any party on a date with adverse weather conditions may be cancelled by Mr. B’s Moonwalk or customer for the following reasons:

  1. Winds or gust of wind exceeding 20mph
  2. Rain or precipitation at or higher than 50%
  3. Any other hazardous conditions

We take safety very seriously and if conditions are hazardous to the inflatables or participants we will advise you to cancel or postpone your event. In the event that a reasonable solution can not be reached, Mr. B’s Moonwalk has the final say in the matter.

No refunds will be issued for weather once the unit is delivered.

Summer heat or cold weather:

Mr. B’s Moonwalk will, to the best of our ability, advise you on which equipment works for what season based on our experience. We will not issue refunds or credits based on “it got too hot” or “it got too cold”. The final decision on the inflatable booked is the customers.

Mr. B’s Moonwalk will not issue refunds based off of time used. If for some reason participants do not use the equipment as much as expected because of weather or personal choice, full price will still be charged.

The Bottom Line:

Mr. B’s Moonwalk wants you to enjoy your event and your experience with our company. We promise to make every effort to help make the day special and will work with every customer to so.