General Rules and Safety Guidelines

  1. A responsible Adult must be present to closely supervise the inflatable.
  2. Do not overload any inflatable. Follow instruction and restrictions on front of unit at all times.
  3. Do not use the inflatable in periods of severe weather. In the event of severe weather, (lighting, thunder, rain or high wind) instruct all occupants to exit the inflatable and don not allow reentry until weather clears and the unit is dried.
  4. All inflatables are physically challenging. Any person with a health impairment, disease, high blood pressure, back or neck issue or bone/joint problem should consult their doctor before enjoying the inflatable.
  5. Remove shoes, necklaces, eyeglasses, jewelry and other hard objects prior to entering any inflatable. Toys with sharp edges are not allowed as they could cause damage.
  6. All participants should empty their pockets before entering inflatable.
  7. No hot objects of any kind can be bear or in the inflatable.
  8. No gum, food, candy, or drinks are allowed inside of inflatables.
  9. No Silly string shall be allowed inside or on any inflatable. Silly String ruins vinyl. A 500.00 minimum replacement fee will apply if silly string stains are found.
  10. No pets are allowed inside or on inflatable.
  11. No flips are allowed on any inflatable.
  12. Participants in the inflatable should be grouped according to age and size.
  13. Participants should not sit or lay in the inflatable while others are bouncing to avoid injury.
  14. No jumping down any slide surface. Participants must come down any slide one at a time, feet first.
  15. Do not run or jump through the door into the or out of the inflatable.
  16. Do not bounce or jump on or off of the step.
  17. Do not attempt to climb on windows mesh or walls of inflatable. Doing so could result in damage to the unit or tip over the inflatable resulting in injury. Any damage due to misuse will be charged to renter for repair or replacement.
  18. If anchors come loose or inflatable begins to deflate, calmly and immediately instruction participants to exit the unit and call Mr. B’s Moonwalk foe assistance.
  19. All inflatables require a 110v protected outlet. Multiple outlets may be required for units with more than one blower. An ideal distance is less then 100ft from the outlet.
  20. Water slides require a hose and spigot.
  21. A clear path to the set up area is required. In order to expedite service we need to be able to get in and out as easy as possible. It is not our responsibility to rearrange furniture, move garbage cans or pick up anything to be able to set up for your party.

We will make every effort to accommodate any situation but ultimately this should be handled before delivery.

  1. The yard must be free of pet debris before the bounce house will be set up. The cleanliness of our product is a top priority! Try to pick up pet debris the night before your party and hose off the area. An additional cleaning fee will be applied if any pet waste is found on the rental equipment.
  2. Water is not allowed on units that are not Water Slides. Maintaining the cleanliness of a unit is a top priority. The fact is regular bounce houses are not meant to have water on them. They are not equipped to keep water from get into the unit which can produce mildew and damage. If it is found that a unit was used with water without our consent you will be charged a cleaning service fee appropriate  to the repair and no less than 100.00.


Not following any of these rules could result in cleaning fees of no less than $100.00 or replacement fees of no less than $500.00. Our drivers have final say in all set ups. If it is determined that an area is not clean or could cause an inflatable damage then Mr. B’s Moonwalk has the right to decline service.

Our rules are to protect the equipment and those enjoying it, not to ruin your fun at the event. We take safety very seriously, you should too. Persons not following safety rules should be immediately instructed to exit the inflatable.

If at any time you are unable to provide adult supervision, the inflatable should be turned off until adult supervision can be found.