What customers say about Mr. B’s Moonwalk, Inc.


Mr. B’s Moonwalk was the most professional and friendliest company I’ve dealt with in a long time. From the first phone call, Bobby assured me that his units were new and clean and I didn’t have to worry about his guys showing up on time. When his staff arrived an hour early, they were as friendly as could be. They explained the details to me, left me their phone number and told me not to hesi tate to call them for anything. It’s nice to know that there are still companies out there that set their standards higher than others. Bobby, thank you for a great experience.

Vada Brown


We have used Mr. B’s Moonwalk for the past three years and am pleased that Bobby asked me to write this little note for him. From th e first time we booked with Mr. B’s, we have never had to worry about a thing. The kids really loved the Water Slide as did my husband as it was new, clean and as safe as can be. (The shade on top is really nice). I really appreciate the call the night before telling me that we were all set for the slide, what time the staff would show up and confirming all of the details. Mr. B’s is the best.

Jim Spadafore


I booked Mr. B’s after the City of Phoenix gave me their name with a few other companies that service City parks. We had all the details set up ahead of time but it was nice to see his friendly worker waiting at the park for us to show up. It was a beautiful experience. The boys loved the Sports Arena bounce and my daughter had a crush on the delivery guy.

Sally J. Little


Just want to thank Bobby and staff for 5 years of terrific service. Every year we are surprised by the new types of bounces that show up at our annual event. This year the Spiderman was the big hit. We really used the Sno Kone machine. With everything else going on, I never have to worry about the entertainment part of the event. I leave it all to Bobby and the guys.. Thanks again…

Jory Howell Entertainment Coordinator


What a great experience!! Total professionalism!! From the first call to the pick up.. These guys are great. Look forward to next year.

Jim and Debbie Abraham


We had our annual Birthday Party at the Scottsdale Railroad Park. What a total success. The easiest way to keep the kids entertained. Mr. B showed up with a Princess Castle and a generator to power it. No problems, his staff even called us to check up on us. No wonder the park suggested his company.

Leslie Robinson


Last year we booked a bouncer from another company. They showed up an hour and a half late. When they set up the unit, we were expec ting a Castle and got a Whale, so we were a little uneasy this time around. My neighbor recommended Mr. B and I could tell from the very beginning that our experience with Mr. B’s was going to be a complete pleasure and it sure was. What a difference. The party was a complete success. Now we look forward to next year. Thank you, Bobby!

Joe Faraci


We had an inflatable reserved from another company. They were $5.00 less than the other companies and we were on a tight budget. Well, they never showed up. I called Mr. B’s Saturday morning in a panic. He saved the day. He sent a nice castle out to our house in forty minutes. I can’t believe the service. Sure felt like a dummy trying the pinch every penny when my instinct told me better. Mr. B’s had a new and beautiful bouncer and his price was great.. I wouldn’t have wanted to face the kids had Mr. B’s not come through for me. Thanks from the whole family.

Louis Ramundo Jr.